Hold The Line Waterloo Region

Repeal Bill 23! Approve Waterloo Region's Official Plan!

The cities and townships of Waterloo Region have collaborated for the last two years to update our Regional Official Plan. Staff worked closely with community groups, First Nations, and provincial staff to make a growth plan that everyone can get behind.

The province’s Bill 23 claims to be about “More Homes Built Faster”. That’s a lie. It could throw the entire Regional Official Plan into limbo, including the Countryside Line itself. Waterloo Region’s plan includes policies for building the “missing middle” housing that we so desperately need, without trampling the environment or protections for renters!

If the Province was serious about building new homes, it should approve our plan, not throw it out the window.

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Repeal Bill 23! Protect the countryside line! We can build new housing while protecting renters and the environment. Send a message to provincial leaders: #watreg #kwawesome #wrawesome #onpoli https://act.holdthelinewr.org
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